Art Card Portrait for Trade Show
& Brochure

2.5"x3.5" (ACEO) graphite on Strathmore Bristol Paper - April 2008

This piece was commissioned by Strathmore Artist Papers as part of a new promotion. They had created a new line of pre-cut "Art Card-size" Artist Papers. This piece was used at the trade show where they introduced the new line. About 50 artists had pieces at the show, but they told me that my little drawing got the most attention.

Later, they told me an image of my Art Card drawing would be included in the brochure for the new line of Art Card-size papers.
The brochure was produced and sent out later that same year to
art suppliers, and ads for it appeared in major artist magazines.

2008 ACEO Papers Brochure

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Spring 2009 Featured Artist Newsletter

Late in 2008 the people at Strathmore asked if I would be interested in writing an article about myself and particularly about my ACEO artwork. They wanted to feature me on their website in the Spring 2009 Newsletter. I happily agreed! It was quite an honor for me. Only four artists are featured per year.
To read the article online click here.

Drawing Paper Swatch Book

The folks at Strathmore approached me again in 2009 with a request to use one of my already existing images. They chose "Ellie", one of my personal favorites. It now appears on the cover of a Strathmore paper swatch book used by art supply retailers.

Dick Blick Video for Strathmore ACEO Papers

In July, 2010 my ACEO drawing "Sarah" was used in a video to promote the new line of ACEO paper.

It was exciting to clearly see my drawing "Sarah" being used by the woman in the video. The video appears on the Dick Blick website.

To watch the video click here.

2010 Strathmore Product Catalog

Two of my original portrait drawings were featured in Strathmore's product catalog for 2010.
"Sal" and "Hunter" - both 8"x10" on Strathmore Light Vellum Illustration Board.

There were three artists featured in the catalog. Two full pages of the catalog were dedicated to each artists work.
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400 Series Dry Media Paper Pad Cover

In September, 2010 I was delighted to be approached by the people at Strathmore once again. They were re-designing the covers on their 400 Series paper pads. I was asked to create an original drawing for the Dry Media Paper Pad Cover. They asked that I do the drawing in color and that it somehow incorporate a thistle (their logo is a stylized thistle).

I was asked to keep the project a secret until it was announced at a trade show the following year. Finally the new pads were released on April 13, 2011. They are available on the strathmore website, other art supply websites and at your local art supply store.

To see it on Strathmore's website click here.